ISSN: 2206-0820

About Us

Psychoanalysis Lacan is a journal of the Lacan Circle of Melbourne, a professional association dedicated to the study and transmission of psychoanalysis. The Lacan Circle is itself affiliated with the New Lacanian School. The Editorial Board of the journal is as follows:

  • Baldwin, Yael (USA)
  • Bergeron, Reine-Marie (Canada)
  • Biswas, Santanu (India)
  • Brousse, Marie-Hélène (France)
  • Dolar, Mladen (Slovenia)
  • Focchi, Marco (Italy)
  • Grigg, Russell (Australia)
  • Guéguen, Pierre-Gilles (France)
  • Harari, Angelina (Brazil)
  • Hirano, Makoto (Japan)
  • Hoens, Dominiek (Belgium)
  • Holvoet, Dominique (Belgium)
  • Jaanus, Maire (USA)
  • Klotz, Jean-Pierre (France)
  • Laurent, Eric (France)
  • Loose, Rik (Ireland)
  • Lysy, Anne (Belgium)
  • Miller, Judith (France)
  • Palomera,Vicente (Spain)
  • Ragland, Ellie (USA)
  • Rasmussen, René (Denmark)
  • Tillet, Susana (Argentina)
  • Vanheule, Stijn (Belgium)
  • Voruz, Véronique (United Kingdom)
  • Wulfing, Natalie (United Kingdom)
  • Zupančič, Alenka (Slovenia)

The Editorial Committee of the journal consists of David Ferraro, Dominique Hecq, and Noriaki Sato. Further acknowledgement is due to Tim Alves for his editing work, and to Russell Grigg and Sarah Curtis for their assistance in founding the journal.